Success Commandments Movie is Launching

The Success Commandments have existed throughout humanity. They are universal principles that allow us to tap into the power of our existence and are being unveiled to inspire the hearts and minds of billions throughout the world. There is greatness that dwells within each of us. All that is required is to awaken your innate gifts and allow them to shine. Understanding their power, allows you to create extraordinary success and a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Two movies 3D Virtual Reality Docudrama/Documentaries

  1. A Hero In You
  2. Success Commandments
  • We will be creating two new virtual films and a series of new live interviews. These will be edited and segments will be created weekly as done; with exceptions for social media, education, and production.
  • Current executive producers Laurel Barrett and Trent Di Guilio, plus editors previewing existing film interviews and scheduling new guests.
  • We have over 100’s of raw interviews for each of the two main movies.
  • Creating storyboards and trailers.
  • Release date: Goal September 2024 release.
  • Movie Trailers To Overview Movie release by March 2021.

To our Patron and Heroes:

Anyone donating $1000 will be featured in the movie with on-screen credit for A Hero In You or Success Commandments.  We are extremely grateful and welcome you to join us in creating an impact in our world.

Just so you know, all donations are not refundable simply because we are applying for all monies in real-time to make this important film happen. Production is beginning immediately.  Our expenses can be seen in our production budget. It is a very detailed film budget including film production, 3D animation, and graphics, interviews, assistants, digital development, and editors. Everyone gets paid immediately and in advance as part of the film.

The offer is $1,000 for screen credits. For $3,000, you can receive a treatment of the movie, along with screen credit.

To be an Associate Producer, for either film it is $29,700.  Our associate producers will be linked to the film and have an IMBD listing and you will be featured in the film along with many more life-changing benefits.

These movies have content that spans over 20 years of interviews. This is all the Heroes for Humanity Interview, Interviews from the Nature of Existence Documentation, Success Commandments, Universal Laws of Success, and the hundreds of live interviews from heroes all over the world. The stories and insight of this media are life-changing.

Humanity is at a pivotal time that is the human race to awaken.  We believe that this information is extremely important to release to the world. Corporate Sponsors are welcome, just contact us.

Speak to your accountant about the deduction business rules.

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